My Expertises

If you have read my story you probably noticed that during my whole time since I started to play to this very day I have had a goal of helping other people and managing corporations. I started with no experience about EVE, coding or running any sort of communities. But I had one thing: ambition and endurance to follow the goals I set during my 14 day EVE Online trial in 2013.

Playing EVE has taught me a lot and inspired even more. I have learned to code, manage IT services and communicate clearer that have all been skills that I have managed to take advantage of also in real life. During the years of playing I have grown more and more to be found of the background work what it takes to make the wheels turn both in the game and in real life. My focus in EVE has over the time changed from playing a game into managing a game and into understanding the logic, mechanisms and structures behind the pretty graphics.

Understanding the new players

The first expertise that I have has always been part of my eve journey: helping players to understand the complexity of EVE and showing them different paths to take. In order to help as many players as possible as effectively as possible the obvious solution for me has been to create different processes that I can help people get thorough. These processes have been aimed at simplifying the complexity of the game and to make the learning curve less steep so that the players can get the spark to play and from there find their own ways.

One of the major problem that anyone who seeks to help anyone starting a new game is to remember how hard it was for you when you started. The more time passes since you started and the more you learn the simpler the game feels like and at some point you risk forgetting what it was like to be a new player. I can’t say that I would be an exception for this problem but I have kept this always in mind when creating my processes for helping players getting started. The fact that I daily speak with players who are on their first day of their EVE journey keeps me constantly reminded about how difficult even a simple calculation can be when you have hundreds of different new functions given for you. By constantly listening on feedback from the new players and adjusting the processes and guides I use I have managed to create a better picture of the tasks that may be hard for a new player.

My job with new and returning players is not to teach them about everything. I am not there to teach them details about flying their ships or fitting them. My job with them is simply to remove the extra waste and confusion that prevents them for getting into specific content or area of the game. Once I have managed to show them the different path options to walk on I trust their own interest towards the said profession to take them into studying more and mastering their profession.

During years of helping people find their place in EVE and trying to offer them different services and types of content to enjoy I have come across of multiple small issues that have overly complicated simple processed. Instead of creating my own ways around these issues I’d like to tackle the core issues so instead of creating more solutions for a problem the core of the problems would be fixed.

Understanding the mechanisms

My second expertise comes from understanding the mechanisms and logic of the different systems of the game. In order to simplify the complex processes I will need to know exactly what the processes are, how I can use them to provide services and guidance for people and most important how I can improve them. As my take on EVE has always been more or less professional I have wanted to take out most of what I can squeeze from the ingame systems to pass them down to other players to experience. The different obstacles that have been put ahead of me have thought me how to bend and manipulate the systems for the best outcome. This has given me a good view of what can be done with the mechanisms given to us in the game and what simply doesn’t work.

I do understand how complicated the coding behind a system can get once you develop and modify it for multiple years not to mention for over a decade.  This is also one of the reasons I have had the need to take my time to find the faults and problems in the ingame systems that may risk the wellbeing of our members or harm our community in the game. The larger and more professional my ingame organization has grown the more and more I have had to need to spend time on debugging permission systems and studying different mechanisms. Time to time I find out about breaking bugs that are caused by simple configuration errors in permission systems which I then report forward to the developers to fix. Most of the time these bugs are not taken advantage of but sometimes they are such as in the POCO gantry war bug.

Even though I have lived in multiple different areas of space and learned the basics of how to fly my ships, how to adapt area specific mechanisms such as wormhole and null sec mechanisms this is not where my specialty lies. No matter where I have lived I have always been focusing on one thing: my corporation and on its members. For this reason my strongest understanding are on mechanisms that are related in corporation, alliance and community management. I have had the need to use multiple different systems to create a community where I feel like each different type of player is able to fulfil their own dreams. When it comes to setting up a secure corporation or creating systems for communication I know exactly what buttons to press and which ones I should never press. I have found out a lot of functions that exists in the game but simply are not used by most communities as they risk too much with too little rewards. It is this what keeps me interested in the system as I want to fix the faults in the old systems and make them usable again for the masses.

Understanding the technical side

My third expertise come from understanding the technical side of the game. Due to the inflexibility of a lot of the ingame systems and the flexibility of the EVE API it has been more than obvious to create multiple programs to overcome the issues inside the game. When I first started to play EVE I had no clue how to write even a simple web page but over the years I have managed to create more and more complex systems. This has also allowed to me to grow interests into the work that goes into the background development of systems and turned my focus more from playing the game into developing the game.

Like many other developers who have created awesome third party services for EVE I have both praised and hated the API system. When I combine my understanding of the ingame mechanisms with the API I have over the time found out multiple ways to simplify tasks in the game. In other cases some processes fail due to lack of a simple function. For me creating third party programs is like creating addons for other games. The only difference being that you are almost never able to see these programs in the game and are forced to use browser applications or applications integrated into other services. This adds even more to the complexity of the game as players who join it will not only need to learn EVE but learn to use multiple different support systems as well.

As I have some level of technical understanding I do also understand easier what can be fixed with an easy quality of life update and what requires massive amounts of work. I want to start out with the simple fixes that allows more usage of ingame mechanisms over third party programs and removes waste from the current systems that prevents using them inside of the game. Once the basic processes have been fixed we can tackle the larger problems which would give out more and new content for the players to experience without the need of using external programs. Obviously you can play the game in full screen without using any third party programs but most of us who have been playing it for a while know that that is not the case. What most players are looking to do is to perfect their own processes on whatever they are focusing on. They want to remove the waste and errors in their own systems that they would become the very best in what they do. This also applies on the technical side of the game and I want to remove the extra and add the new so that the systems we have currently present can be used to their full potential.