Ikarus Cesaille

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About Me

Iam a corporation CEO and a coalition executor that doesn’t get to undock much. I am running for CSM15 to represent High Security space, new players and the technical side of ingame mechanisms related to corporation and community management.

I have a heavy focus on removing waste from systems and making them easier for players to understand and use. I value clear communication, honesty, and facts over rumours. I want to serve those who struggle to survive in the harsh environment of New Eden, especially during the first weeks of their journeys and provide them with a voice that will be heard. I exist to help you to find your own place within New Eden so that you as well can write your own story.

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Why am I applying to CSM

Simplifying overly complicated systems to guide players

Find your place.

I strongly feel that the corporations and the players in them are the core force that keeps player playing EVE and prevents new players from quitting the game. I want to make it easier for players to find a right corporation and community for themselves where they would enjoy playing the game.

Enjoy your stay.

The tools to create and manage corporations and communities that serves as the backbone in EVE are present but far from being what they should be. I want to reconstruct and polish these tools so that the players who exists to create the content and communities in EVE are able to do it to their full potential.

Remove the waste.

A lot of the mechanisms and information shown in game are either limited or contain a lot of waste that overly complicated ingame tasks. I want to remove the waste and the extra steps from processes and make them easier to understand and use.

What can players expect from me?

Candidate who understand the technical side and new players

My expertise covers corporation management and providing players with the systems to be able to have a decent new player experience. My experience in doing this means that I have quite a good understanding of how new players approach and interact with the game in its current state. Due to this I believe I can provide valuable input on how the new player experience should be improved.

My goals here are to look at the current systems and find the faults which stop people from fully utilising the tools which are provided in game. Ultimately, I strive to ensure that at a corporation leadership level, people can provide for their members in ways that they haven’t been able to before. I believe that if these systems are fixed then community managers will be able to give the full potential of EVE to their players; new or old.

You can find all the issues I am seeking to tackle on the Objectives page

Corporation Mechanism Overhaul

For me EVE is all about the players you play it with and most of those players are in corporations. I want to overhaul the corporation mechanism so that it has an intrinsic value and can be used to its full potential by the community managers.

Utilizing Access Lists More

Access Lists mechanism is an wonderful tool that makes managing larger corporations and communities easier. I want to utilize this tool also in other areas such as standings and ingame channels.

A more flexible chat system

A big part of EVE is about communicating, building relationships and using the chat systems. I want to enchant these systems with tools similar in Discord such as ACL, more groups, colored names and utility tools.

Vote me for CSM15

Voting period 1-8 June 2020
Voting Instructions

Once the voting period starts you will be able to vote on your most favourite candidate. As in real life you should vote for a candidate that represents the same values that you have and who is addressing the issues that are close to your own hearth.