My Story

My EVE story is a mix of luck, long term determination and finding the right players at the right time. Since I started to play in 2013 I have always had the same core principles on my mind that have driven me forward in my career. If it would not been the players I have found during my journey or the changes that had been forced on me against my will it could be very much that my journey had ended way sooner. New Eden is a never ending harsh environment that always gives you more challenges and slaps you in your face when you think you have all figured it out. It is these challenges and the feedback from the players that I have tried to help in my best capabilities that have kept me playing for all of these years and will most likely keep me interested in the game for a good part of my adult life.

My take on EVE has been always more or less professional and I often refer it as another job of mine; a job similar to the real life job I have which I passionately enjoy doing. My goals since my first corporation have been helping out other people getting started with their EVE journey so that they as well could tackle the complex obstacles and learning curve the game hits you with. My intent is not to hold hands or remove any of the complexity from the game. I simply seek to simplify the process and remove any excessive waste from it so that the players can then make the right decisions based on their own desires.

My first steps

In the summer 2013 I read a Day Z dev blog article about them wanting to build a base building system similar to the EVE Online player starbase system. This was the only phrase in the whole article that referred to the game I have now grown to live and love but as someone who wanted to get a sneak peak about the possible new systems to the game I used to play back then I signed up for the 14 day EVE Online trial. Day Z never had its base building system but that didn’t matter to me anymore as I have found a new interest in New Eden. Building my own base was not enough anymore, I wanted to build bigger and have an impact on the community I play with.

When I started to play EVE I had not heard a single word about the massive battles it has, the empires that raise and fall and how people shape the universe around them. My only reference to EVE was literally the one phrase in a dev blog from another game. Maybe this was for the best in my case as it allowed me to dive right into the deep end and not to hesitate with trusting players I met. Honestly it could all had gone wrong and my journey could had ended with the 14 day trial, but it didn’t.

One of the very first things I wanted to do was to join a corporation. I wanted to find a corporation that is small enough for me to build ranks in it but also big enough to be active. Without using any external sites or doing any research on any of the corporations I booted up the corporation finder tool and randomly picked a corporation that I thought looked cool. Two days after launching my EVE trial I was in my first corporation with some new friends, some of which still are flying with me!

This is where I started to grow more into EVE and learn more about it. I had my own share of getting ganked by CODE, smashed down by war targets without even knowing what wars were and attending countless of classes of how to do this and that in EVE. None of the losses mattered and none of the time put into learning the game felt like a waste due to the players that I was flying with. If I had landed in a different corporation, my journey once more might have ended there. But it didn’t.

I stayed in my first corporation for 128 days despite the hard times it faced in the end. I wanted to be one of those guys who only had one corporation in their corporation history as I thought it mattered more than it did. But in the end the corporation I was a member of didn’t manage to pull it off and activity slowly decreased. But my love to the game didn’t nor did my goals to build bigger. Luckily for me I already had made some new friends.

In the September 2013 I decided to take my first peek at the corporation management side and with a few friends from the previous corporation I co-founded a brand new corporation.

Some of the ideologies I set for myself in this corporation still follow me to this very day. Our core principle and way to approach new recruits was to help them out to get started with their EVE journey. We wanted to make friends just like I made friends in my very first corporation and show them what they can do if they have the will and put their hearth into it.

Our very own corporation

Our new corporation grew fast and we had too little knowledge about the other communities lurking around in the neighbourhoods. As we had not done enough research we decided to set up our new corporation HQ right into Kamio. As a mainly rookie corporation with heavy focus on mining you can probably connect the Kamio system to be a playground of CODE. And play with us they did!

During the old days until the war declaration mechanism changes there was no hiding from wars. As we refused to cooperate with the local pirates we started to get pounded by wars and locked into our stations by pilots flying advanced tech 3 cruisers. We had no way to fight them despite us forming what felt back then a massive drake fleet that were all shooting this one guy with no effect. We were pinned down and no way out. Maybe for this reason we started to learn more about the mechanisms behind the curtains and the rules that shaped the galaxy.

We did what most rookies do, we hopped out from corporation and formed a new corporation that we called the war dodging corporation. Strategic Exploration and Development Corp [SEADC] was born.

In the end we moved out to a new quieter region and kept corporation jumping whenever wars landed on us.

Founding Silent Coalition

After a while of peaceful life trouble found back to us like it has a habit of doing in EVE. We got tired of corporation hopping and wanted to find another solution. This time it was wormhole space.

When we decided to move to a wormhole to hide from war targets and pirates we faced another problem: not all of our members wanted to move out from high sec or were not ready for it. A new solution was again needed.

We decided to upgrade to a multi corporation structure and on the same time create the Silent Coalition. With one corporation in the high sec side seeking to help out new players to learn to ropes and one corporation in the wormhole space we now had the very basic structure of SiCO.

For a good while we lived in a wormhole system habited by some of the friends we had made from the alliance of our very first corporation. The structure of SiCO allowed us to grow under the radar and keep on getting new blood in. Our corporation grew and we started to show up on alliance recruiter radars.

Dive into null sec

Around 6 months after I started my trial I was now a CEO of a corporation in wormhole space and building the Silent Coalition when a new door opened for us. SpaceMonkey's Alliance [SMA] recruiter approached us and asked if we had any interest in null security space.

None of us had any experience of null sec, knew nothing about null politics but were eager to learn. And learn we did. The very first time I sat in the SMA teamspeak with my director for our alliance interview I felt like sitting on a lobby of a massive enterprise waiting for the big guys to take us in for the interview. I even said this out loud in the interview.

This was probably the first time EVE felt more professional than just a game, and this feeling has stuck with me since. I no longer wanted to be just another corporation doing its own thing I wanted to be professional like these guys with proper ranks, IT systems and structure.

Silent Coalition Grows

As we were accepted into SMA we once more had to do a corporation split as not all wormholers wanted to move in, the third wing of SiCO had opened.

While enjoying the new wonders of null sec space with SEADC we kept on working both our high security entry corporation and our wormhole corporation. Sadly over time the wormhole community fizzled and we closed our wormhole wing, shifting our focus to null sec and high sec training wing.

We enjoyed null sec, made money and built out first Titan for the corporation as a corporation project. Titan of which basically still is alive but has been traded from a Leviathan to an Avatar due to the metas we faced in our later alliances during our null journeys.

Then came World War Bee and SMA was hit hard.

Start of a new chapter

Everything that we had learned to call as our home was burned down and Imperium that SMA was part of was pushed out of their home. With the leadership struggle of SMA the alliance collapsed. But yet again we had found something new from within SMA: new friends and new journeys.

We joined ChaosTheory and kept on focusing on null sec. We had our good fights and our usual null sec troubles and lived a good life. However after a good run with KOS the alliance died and we made the decision to start a new chapter.

We reverted SEADC back to high sec space and turned out looks into wormholes like we used to do back in the old days. We kept on growing our corporations, adding some more holding corporations and peaking our toes into unknown spaces.

During all of this time we were running a multiple corporation structure without an alliance to fly under the radar of war decs. We expanded and grew our services within the silent coalition and my personal focus more and more started to shift from the corporation to the coalition as at that time we did no longer live in null and management on the corporation was easy.

SiCO started to become more professional and have a better structure. Over the time we started to open wings in different areas of spaces as we made friends in low and null sec space. The idea to offer content for all different types of players started to grow onto me.

Full steam ahead, silent company

Then came the spring of 2019 and the best possible patch that I could dream off: the war mechanism change patch.

This patch allowed me to focus less on playing around the corporation and war mechanism system and start to focus more on the actual services and providing content for our coalition members.

On the same day the ability to remain ineligible for wars hit TQ we stopped pushing our recruits into different recruiting corporations and started to push them all into one corporation: SEADC. We started an aggressive recruiting campaign that is still going on this very day where we started to pull in actively any players we saw in space.

We kept on growing and soon enough we hit the largest independent corporation list on evewho. It was time to brand ourselves more and form an alliance, the Silent Company was born.

With the heavy focus on recruitment our member count started to grow up fast and we had the reason to invest more into our services. We expanded in all directions and added more and more of the services we felt are helping people to get started

Going professional

As our numbers grew I found myself again in a similar situation and feeling I had when I sat in the SMA teamspeak. But this time I was sitting on the other side of the table. I felt like that our coalition needs a proper structure, agenda and systems to represent what we do.

At this point I had shifted my focus completely into the coalition from running the corporations. I now had other players by my side that made sure their corporations provided meaningful content for their members.

The more I focused on turning SiCO into a professional and well-functioning community the more I had to struggle with the ingame corporation mechanisms, standings and playing around of all of these systems. Anyone who has run a corporation knows what I am talking about.

Since the ingame systems are not flexible enough a lot of third party tools and programs were created to make the structure of silent coalition solid and united.  This allowed us to help out new players even more and my personal focus shifted more into the technical side rather than playing the game.

Nowadays Silent Coalition is a large community that operates like most of the large communities in EVE do with a complicated structure, multiple wings and tons of services smashed on top of all that. Each of our corporations have their own thing they do and I do my best to help them out to manage all of it. I get feedback from the corporations and do my best to provide services for them that they can pass down to their own members to boost the experience of whatever the said corporations are focusing on.

Closing words

If you took your time and read my whole story you can find out that most of my turning points have happened to me when something against our will has done to our corporation or when we have made new relationships with new friends. Like in real life if I had taken just one step of the path I have been on, made any other decisions when facing problems or talked with other players I might be in a whole different place right now. What I have learned from all of this is that each decision I make in the game will lead me somewhere as long as I let it lead me and keep an open mind of the outcome. I want to keep on helping new and old players to find paths to walk on and send them off to their journey to experience New Eden as deeply as I have. When a player faces an obstacle that they feel like they can’t overcome I want to help them over it or encourage them to a new path that they might not dare to take alone.

As the game keeps changing we keep changing with it. With every change comes a new possibility that we might not yet see but after looking back to them after several years we see what the major turning points of our careers have been. This is what creates Our Stories that we will pass down to the new generations joining New Eden.