What can the players expect from me

I am not a front line guy who is there to get you new types of ships or balance the old ones. My expertise do not cover that area. I am the guy who likes to sit behind the table and make sure that the systems you have are working and that you can keep on experiencing the new ships and balances and content that the developers are constantly pushing out on you.

My goals here are to look at the current systems and find the faults which stop people from fully utilising the tools which are provided in game. Ultimately, I strive to ensure that at a corporation leadership level, people can provide for their members in ways that they haven’t been able to before. I believe that if these systems are fixed then community managers will be able to give the full potential of EVE to their players; new or old.

What follows next are some of the core issues that I would personally like to see fixed or changed

Corporation Mechanism Overhaul

For me EVE is all about the players you play it with no matter what you are doing. The foundation of player communities and organizations lies in the corporation mechanisms. The corporation mechanisms has a lot of functions and even more potential that most line members know off. The reason for this is simply: the mechanism is very inflexible and easy to exploit. For this reason most corporations decide to not to utilize the mechanisms provided by the corporation system in order to protect their corporations and their members. When most of the systems can’t be used due to simple issues with the permissions or the amount of work it takes to manage them they are most often left unused. This greatly decreases the whole potential of what corporations can be and most often the corporation serves simply as a tool for the leadership to manage the assets and a shell where the players sit in. All meaningful and inspiring content is completely player created and has nothing to do with the corporation mechanisms itself.

I want to take the corporation system and make it feel like you actually belong into an ingame corporation rather than a community that mostly operates by using third party communication tools, IT programs and other customly created services. I would want to see a corporation system that provides meaningful content as itself.

The following explanation is a corporation system I would like to see in the game

Organizations and established corporations

I would like to see two different types of corporations in the game. The first version being organizations which are pretty much like the current corporations. The new corporation form I’d like to see would be somewhat a ranked version of organizations and serve as established corporations. The major difference between these two corporation types would be how information in them are tracked and displayed to the public eye.

Information provided outwards from current corporations is mostly player created. The few actual figures you can get out them can be easily misleading or simply not meaningful. To overcome these obstacles people have created multiple different tools that might give you a better understanding of the numbers that are related to a corporation such as member count versus active member count. Everything else that is given out is pretty much created by the players themselves.

For a brand new player finding the right corporation may determine if they will stick around in the game or not. Older players do know where to find information about different corporations and how to do their research but new players may purely trust in the systems provided ingame. It is these systems such as the corporation finder tool that may be greatly misleading for new players and result them into quitting the game simply because they have made the wrong friends or not made any friends at all.

For a new player understanding what corporations are is overly complicated. It is also even more complicated to get into one which I will cover in a separate section. When players are placed in a NPC corporation when they start to play the game it gives them a false feeling of belonging to a corporation. Even though these NPC corporations do contain players that are helping out the new players they will never feel the same level of integration as they would feel in a successful player corporation. To reduce this confusion I would either like to see the turned into organizations instead so that there would be a clear difference in the name compared to player corporations. Secondly I feel like that even this might be too much to not push players to seek a corporation that fits them and the second option would be to have no NPC corporations at all when you start the game. Simply guide the new players then towards joining a player corporation or NPC organization with the new player tutorials.

Each player is unique as is each corporation. There is no simple way to determine what corporation might fit your own personal needs when all you have is the word from the corporation. Systems like the corporation search tool are very limited and can only include very little information about the corporation you are looking for. As a new player the information you get inside of the game might be all you know to look for. It is this information provided by the game that I feel is the most problematic when choosing your first corporation.

For this reason I would like to see two separate versions of corporations. Organizations who are just focusing on their internal affairs and do not feel like sharing more details outwards and into corporations that very similar to real life established corporations are forced to share their numbers out. When corporations are providing out simple facts about how they operate and what their numbers are it is a lot easier to select the corporation for yourself that matches the numbers you want to focus on. However as we can’t require or depend on corporations giving these numbers out honestly as they are required to do in real life we will need to support on the actual game mechanisms that we have on our disposal. The good thing is that EVE still is a game and while you can fool people with your beautiful visual recruitment mails you can’t fool the numbers that comes out from the system.

Established Corporation activity tracking

My idea of gathering the information for the figures is a rather simple one and takes advantage of a system that we already have present in the game: the activity tracker.

By selecting your corporation to be an established corporation the activity tracker data from your members would simply be passed upwards to the corporation level to represent the average activities that your corporation is participating in. On an op sec point of view it is rather simple to show out numbers of your pvp kills, ratting kills, ore volume of mining or systems explored. However getting information such as corporation income or amount of money spent in the corporation is something I feel is irrelevant. The focus should be in the figures that help out new players looking to join the corporation to know what the corporation is doing.

Once we have determined what activity data is relevant we need to have a clear way of displaying it. Displaying more numbers that you have to figure out yourself is something I feel fits right into EVE. It adds complexity and requires more investigation but once you learn to read the numbers you will have a better understanding of your surroundings.

Different from the current corporations that only display their member count, tax rate and share count without using any external tools. Players could now choose from established corporations that display a lot more data inside of the game. For example you could now use your corporation finder tool and rank corporation based on amount of ore mined. Or if you are looking for a pvp null sec corporation you should sort the data by kills in null sec. Looking for a null ratting corp? Select your region and NPC kill count. Similar process can be used to determine every area of the game that is tracked by the activity tracker.

Ability to rank corporations based on their activities would now also create competition between the different corporations. The only determining numbers would no longer be your ingame member count or your zkill stats. You could now have a proper industrial corporation or a mission running corporation that on zkill looks like its dead but in fact is full of life. If you wish to keep these numbers as a secret you could then keep your corporation status on an organization status and do your recruiting like you have done so far. The activity tracking needs to be real time and to update with your real time activities. It should not be enough that you max out your stats on one are and then always show on the first place on that activity. If your activity drops then it should also be indicated by the numbers. This would allow new corporations to take the top place in the different areas of the game, even the small ones.

Since we also want to help new corporations to get going we will need to come up with a relative number of activity that takes into account also the amount of players in the corporation. This way also smaller corporations would have the ability to show that while they are small they are very active with what they do. This would then leave it up to the new players to determine if they want to join a massive corporation that has a relatively lower activity or a small tight corporation with high activity levels.

This all follows my goal to show relevant information inside the game that people could take advantage of when trying to figure out a path for themselves.

Corporation Mission Content

One way to increase and lead corporation activities could be the use of mission agents within player corporations. If a corporation could setup agents similar to NPC mission agents to work on the area the corporation wants to focus on it can both provide a simple indicator of what the corporation offers for the new players to do as well as enforce the corporation goals.

Missions could be related in any area of the game but it is probably easier on the technical side to start to work on with the mission types we have for NPCs. Generate some type of sites that will spawn when a player accepts a corporation mission: lets say to harvest a set amount of ORE. The ISK reward from this mission should be related to the time spent on a similar type NPC missions so that it is ISK wise as lucrative to run player missions as it is to run NPC missions. However by running player missions you would raise your internal corporation standing and the corporation would receive the item types they are setting up missions for. By following the missions that the corporation needs in order to keep up its activity levels on the area they want to be active you gain on standings and both interact with your corporation members but also get a hard cold pin on your chest for doing these things.

Content needs to be dynamic and changing. One of the largest points of frustrations for new players who run missions is that they are always similar. By allowing corporations to select or even create their own mission types would bring in player created content into the game like never before.

To encourage group activities some corporation mission levels could be set to require multiple pilots in the site to be able to completed. The difficulty of the missions can easily then also be modified based on the required member count so that brining more members doesn’t make the site easier but harder instead and provide more rewards. Similar mechanism to abyssal space could be applied where if not enough ships are present on the grid the grid will explode. This would also increase the risk of losing even a single ship pushing people to take care of each other and make sure they understand what they are doing.

And we are all about getting daily login counts high so why not introduce awesome daily missions or weekly missions that will provide you some better rewards than blueprint copies.

Where mission sites spawn can probably calculated from the same logic that NPC missions use to some level. But I would also want to see different mission types as well such as pvp missions where you are sent to kill players in certain area or even a certain corporation (like bounty hunting missions) or hauling missions that would be very similar for hauling contracts but the system would be easier to use for new players.

This is just a short example how I would like to see the actual corporation mechanism to matter more while you are in the corporation so that the corporations could provide you more dynamic content that is similar to the NPC content but doesn’t keep on repeating itself over and over.

Internal corporation standings and rankings, reputation

I am suggesting in brining in a corporation internal standing system called reputation. Each action you complete in your current corporation would increase your reputation level inside the corporation. This is equivalent to the fact that the more  you do and help in a corporation the more people start to recognize your name and your effort. The reputation system would be there to display clean and informative facts about each players history inside a corporation.

There should be multiple different things that effect your reputation. Starting with corporation missions you should gain reputation in your corporation when you complete these missions for your corporation. Adding the ability to reward your fleet commanders with reputation would also provide similar type of recognition to those who lead fleets that the current third party tools with player activity point tracking gets you.

Adding achievements on the side goal for reputations could get people to try different things. While they do not directly provide any new content or gameplay they might encourage players to try out different things. Most of the achievements completed in corporation should require interactions with other players so running them solo should not be a viable option. For solo achievements we already have the activity tracker system.

Raising reputation and completing achievements in your corporation would also be a helpful tool when you are looking to move to a new corporation. Your recruiters could see your current reputation and completed activities in your previous corporation which would yet again encourage people to interact more with each other while in a player run corporation.

Corporation Shares System

Yes there is a share system and often I get new players asking: what do these do? Fact is they do not do anything as if you ever are given shares it is damn sure you are given shares of a holding corporation that you can’t scam over. With the activity facts from corporations I would like to see a proper share system where people could actually buy shares of corporations without corporations risking the players from ruining the whole corporations.

Yes you will come to be saying but EVE has to have risk. But the fact is when you bypass this risk by making a new empty corporation and sell shares in that corporation it’s just waste for management and doesn’t serve any meaningful role in the game.

First of all I would like to get rid of pretty much everything that is related to the current shares system where you can replace your current CEO if he tends to go for a few days vacation and you happen to have enough shares to take over the corporation. This probably breaks all the legacy code and is a lot of work to do but still it’s a fun idea to play with.

What if you could have a proper ingame shares system similar to the market where you could auction for shares of well-known established corporations? Maybe even add a new tax rate on corporations for collecting additional tax that will be put in a divided pool. Display publicly how often the corporation has given out dividends and what they have been in the past. Maybe set up a quarterly timer that automatically gives out the pays to shareholders. The trick is here: you can decide to cancel the automatic divided payments and ninja the money to add the risk element we know that belong to EVE. Now it comes to the players to read the numbers that the ingame system is providing them. It is crucial that the information comes from the game and not from the players as we all know what jita local is like.

As sed such as system would be a lot of work on the coding side and not bring much to the game besides a new type of market game where up rises and fall of corporations could have an impact on random player wallets and might have them then again align their interests with the corporations or maybe help them spread propaganda.

Corporation role and title system fix

The permission system currently in the game is extremely crappy and inflexible. The amount of tasks tied in same roles is too high which prevents corporations from providing roles down to members as they can’t trust them not to screw them over. While most likely the reason for not fixing this earlier is legacy code I feel like this is one of the crucial things that needs to be fixed so that corporation mechanism can be fully utilized and passed down to the members.

One good example of this is the usage of station containers (as we don’t seem to be able to get more hangars). The current role to manage the containers to setup passwords requires a role that also is responsible for dropping POCOs in space. This again will determine if a corporation will be eligible for wars or not. So when a leadership person needs to determine if they want to allow people to set up password protected containers in the corporation hangar and risk wars or simply force people to not use the containers the choose is rather obvious. Obviously we can argue if having containers in hangar should be high enough of a profit to risk wars on your corporation or have random POCOs in space but to me it makes no sense.

Corporation roles needs to be tied into more specific actions and not into multiple actions and for this reason needs a complete rework.

The same applies on the title system. For example you have grantable roles so that other members in your corporation can grant up roles but you do not have this for titles. And not many corporations prefer to use single roles on individual players instead of the title system. Having an hierarchal system where you could have middle managers to pass titles for new members joining the corporation instead of forcing on giving a director role for the purpose of giving role would make managing a corporation a lot more flexible. Combined with the fixed role system it would allow players to utilize the corporation mechanism even more.

In addition you could determine if new members joining your corporation should have a set title. This would decrease the time it takes for a new player to gain access on the services you want to give access to them. Obviously this is not a problem in small corporations where you can take the time to individually manage each member but as you keep growing this work becomes waste work.

Adding the ability to manage titles over API with a POST endpoint would be a game changer and allow player roles to be repressed ingame with their titles within large organizations. However this comes with a very high risk element where rogue access to a endpoint could cause director level role problems. For this reason corporations wold need to be able to determine ingame what titles or roles could be accessed over API if any.

Joining and leaving corporations

There has been some minor changes to the application process in the past with direct invites and messages about rejection. While each new member is sent out a welcome mail it is most often missed if not especially highlighted by the recruiter if you are a new player.

We tend to get more and more of these massive windows from the game when new content is set up that we all love to click away without multiple alts. I would like to have similar window pop up when you join a corporation where the corporation could include important information about themselves and what the player has just joined. This way it would be harder to miss and you will get information for yourself that the corporation wants you to know about.

On the technical side we would again be using the blocks that are already built in the game and making information flow cleaner.

The overall application process should also be simplified. Once a corporation accepts an application the player should automatically be invited to the corporation. Once this happens the massive welcome message in the pop up window would come up or if the user is offline it would be shown once the user logs in the next time. Most confusing part for new players currently is that they will still need to accept their invitation after they have already applied to the corporation and the corporation has accepted them to join them. With direct invitations this is working way smoother as the corporation send the invitation and the applicant accepts it with one click. Reducing unnecessary clicking in the joining process would end up more people joining corporations rather than them not knowing how to accept their applications.

Also a minor warning would be lovely that notifies new applicants to a corporation if they have any roles and tells them that they can’t be invited to the corporation until they get rid of those roles. Again would save a lot of extra work and remove waste from the corporation managers who would love to invite the new player in but are forced to mail and convo them the same phrase over and over again.

The messages that show up after directly inviting a player to a corporation or accepting their application should be fully player customized. This way they could include information that would be relevant for the corporation operations and allow players guide new members even more.

When a player leaves a corporation you as a manager most often simply just see the message about them leaving without sometimes no clue why you are leaving. I would like to see the same mechanism that is used when you reject an application to the corporation to be applied when a player leaves so that they can provide a reason for their leaving if they want to. This would be highly valuable for corporation managers who seek to constantly upgrade their communities.

Corporation UI update

The corporation window requires an update. The current window requires a face lift and the information currently shown in it is either shown in a rather ugly form that makes people not want to look at it or is under too many sub selection tabs.

The Agency window is a perfect example of an information system that is compact, looks cool and contains a lot of relevant information that is easy to find and navigate. The corporation window should be taken and transformed to follow this same structure so that the most relevant information would be on the front page of the window and other information easily to be found by navigating the menus.

This would also allow us to show in corporation standings, performance and ranking in a nice and clean way so that people would get the inspiration to try to get to the top rankings themselves.

The alliance window that is currently under the corporation window should receive its own UI to more promote the fact that you are actually part of an alliance as well.

ACL for standings

When you manage multiple corporations, characters, alliances or even coalition you will be spending a lot of time playing around with standings. This is one of the places where id like to see an already existing system to be taken an applied on a system that has a lot of waste. Similar to citadels and now bookmarks why could we not also operate standings the same way. Now all of your coalition members would have proper standings and make their life simply easier. The risk element would also remain in the game as one person in the wrong place could now manipulate the standings of not only their own corporation but others as well.

More flexible chat system

First came slack and then came discord. At the same time a lot of problems happened with the ingame chat server. While the ingame channels work for chatting on a daily basis they are not sufficient enough for large organizations who want to effectively share information. I feel that corporations and the players running those corporations are the core force that keeps players playing EVE and new players not quitting. I would like to see better tools for ingame communication for those who seek to communicate with and help out other players.

I feel like that discord is probably the best thing that has happened to EVE chatting wise. However it comes with one problem: you need an working IT system and your members need to learn to use one more external program. For a new player just starting out EVE this might be simply too much. I would like to see small improvements added more into the ingame chat system so that new players would have an easier time when starting out.

Most of these modifications can be done by using yet again mechanisms that we currently already have in the game.

ACL for channel management

Having one channel is not enough when you run a complex organization. Most often you have at least handful of them. Managing access, moderation powers and blocks for each of these channels gets more complicated the more entities you have in the channel. As we have an awesome ACL system that is working perfectly for citadels I would also like it to be used for managing chat channel access. By having access to a channel determined by the ACL it will be a lot easier for large entities to manage the channel permissions.

Adding the ability for corporation members to be forced to be in other channels similar as they are forced to be in the corp and alliance channel would be an welcome addition. This would help out in situations when new players join a new corporation and have no clue in what channels they will find what and in which channels they should be in. Simply forcing them to the channels the community managers now have better chances to get the information to the players. Obviously the players can always decide to minimize or mute the channels but at least they now know that they exist.

Colored names for roles

Coloured names has long been a way in games to separate normal players from developers. However since pretty much every community manager in EVE has to be some level of a developers it would be useful if players who are unfamiliar with the corporation and their systems would have an easier way of determining who are the key players currently in the channel. I would like to see the current moderator and owner roles to be extended with additional roles in the channel management tab that could then also be connected with the ACL mentioned earlier. This way we could have key players with a different color name similar to the ISD has on the rookie help channel.

Obviously the risk element that comes with this is related to scamming. New player might be invited to custom channels instead of chat channels where the scammer can be shown with a different color and pretend to be an ISD worker or even an GM. While pretending to be someone who you are not and taking the identity of another player is against the EULA rules players constantly in different organizations fool new players with recruitment scams and corporation joining scams by pretending to have more power than they do. It will still come down to the players to know what channels are official channels and what are scams and I feel like it is something that has always been part of EVE and should be also in the future.

Pinned players based on roles

Similar what discord does it would help out if in custom channels you could select to pin up the players on the channel member list who have given roles on the channel. This way instead of showing an alphabetical order we would first have the players that are relevant for managing the channel. This would again help new players for the community to reach out for management when they are facing problems or when unwanted behaviour from other players in the channel is wanted to be reported to the right manager.

And who wouldn’t like to have their names colored and pinned up in a channel. This might give even more motivation for player ran organizations to operate the same way the ISD operates in the rookie help channel where players we can trust to work on helping out other players will be promoted over those who have not shown such behaviour.

Bot commands or predetermined chat messages

As someone who focuses purely on recruiting new players we frequently get the same questions asked over and over again. The more often the questions are asked by new players the more you risk at not replying to them with as a widely explanation as the question my deserve. Similar to Discord once again I would like to see either the ability to add bots to the ingame channels. This would allow us to take advantage of automated notifications such as fleet operations or important messages to be sent and allow players in the chat also to interact to the other direction in situations where they perhaps need to report another corporation mate for misbehaving. However EVE has never had API points to truly interact with the chat channels so I assume there must be a reason for this.

If API endpoints are not a possibility I would like to get the same tools that ISD has for sending prewritten messages into the chat. This way a chat manager could create messages that have in depth explanations for the most frequently asked questions in that chat channel and use those commands to reply to the questions. This would allow a lot of time and reduce frustration for typing the same things over and over again.

Ingame calendar

The ingame calendar is a tool that I personally have never used for one simple reason: it has no POST API endpoint and is limited with the information it can show. However it is a tool in game that exists but not many use or even know about.

I would love to see this tool to be used more over third party timer boards. Getting a POST endpoint would allow people to connect it to their own programs but there could also be more done with this. This would also allow players who are not fan of third party programs to stay better on track what is going on in the corporation. Technically adding one endpoint should be an extremely fast thing to do and allow this tool to be used. It could surely have a lot more functions but we all have to start somewhere.