Why am I applying to CSM

My expertise covers corporation management and providing players with the systems to be able to have a decent new player experience. My experience in doing this means that I have quite a good understanding of how new players approach and interact with the game in its current state. Due to this I believe I can provide valuable input on how the new player experience should be improved. I want to fix the faults in the existing systems that prevents their full utilization in the game and help remove extra waste and information that serves to value and simply makes the game more complicated without brining anything to the table.

I want to serve those who struggle to survive in the harsh environment of New Eden, especially during the first weeks of their journeys and provide them with a voice that will be heard. I will want to take their experience and the troubles with the different systems and help to improve them.

To help to polish the systems that players struggle with during their first weeks of eve

The first reason for applying to CSM is the same that has kept me going since 2013 and is the core principle of our coalition: to help out players to start their EVE journey and help them find the friends and content that will make them stick around in the game and learn to love and live it like I do.

Believe it or not my personal interests are your interests and I have grown to play the game by enjoying seeing other peoples enjoyment when they experience the wonders of New Eden. I want to serve as the voice for players who struggle to survive their first weeks in EVE or who find themselves in a place where they do not know what they can do and where they could go. I want to have the tools to highlight the paths and remove any unnecessary obstacles from them so that the players can walk them and take turns during their journey.

I want to make sure that new and returning players will get a complex but not too overly complicated first experience when they start playing EVE. I want them to be able to find meaningful information after doing their own research by taking advantage of both ingame and out of the game mechanisms and services to find proper communities and players to play with as I strongly feel like EVE is much better played when you play it with friends and not as a solo pilot.

If I need to pick an area of focus that would be high sec space as that is where the most important first weeks of a new player happens and determine if they are able to pick up a trail to follow. Obviously in order for me to be able to also guide players to different types of content I need to know about other regions as well or have players who I can trust to tell me about the possibilities of other areas.

To improve and polish the mechanisms that are used to manage communities

My second reason emerges from within my first reason and is heavily tied to my expertise around understanding the mechanisms as they are currently present ingame for corporation and community management. There are a lot of ingame mechanism present but only a tiny portion of it are used to provide content and functions for member levels in corporation. There is a lot of things that you as a manager will have to do in order to not get ruined over by corporation thefts.

While I understand that the element of risk belongs to all areas of EVE including corporation and alliance management I want to remove the things that are waste. When there are ways to bypass and bend the rules of these risk elements simply by doing certain tasks each properly set up community is forced to do these tasks and will also do them.

A very good example can be found when looking at the alliance mechanism and how voting for the executor corporation works. If you can’t 100% trust the corporations and their CEOs (which you should never do in EVE) you pull into your alliance you will have to create so called voting corporations. As each corporation is able to vote on the executor corporation that holds the fate of the alliance you may end up in a situation where your own alliance is stolen from under your feet by rogue CEOs. So in order to maintain over 50% of votes in the worst case scenario you as an alliance leader will have to create the same amount of one man voting corporations that only you have access. I want to remove waste like this as it is something everyone has to do but doesn’t provide anything meaningful to the game.

When you simple can’t provide container access to your members because that same role is tied to launching custom offices into space which can determine your war eligibility status you as a corporation leader simply decide not to use that container mechanism at all. Yet again one build in ingame mechanism that can’t be used simply because tiny issues.

While I do understand that the spaghetti code behind some of these elements is most likely the issue why things have not been fixed I want to be the voice that points out these issues and brings them up to the devs attention.

To focus on information flow and quality of life upgrades for understanding the figures you see in the game

As the third reason for applying I want to be able to listen to the new players who have no understanding of the game and hear what types of information they are looking ingame and what they are struggling with. Only by taking a look at a player looking to join a player run corporation which I feel is very crucial for player retention overall there are a lot of things a new player can look at and a lot of information that is totally irrelevant. Starting with the corporation search tool that pretty much can list every good and bad corporation and for a new player there is no other way to know what the corporations do besides looking at the short description that fits into the limited text field. As they are new they most likely do not know where to look up more information and for someone who is not that social in the first place joining their first corporation can be a true shot in the blind.

I want more information to be provided within the client without the need to know how to use third party tools so that players who do not know about these tools can get better facts about the communities they are looking to join. After working with new players since I started I frequently find out the same questions to pop up about displayed information. By removing waste information and displaying meaningful information we both embrace the fact that EVE comes with a lot to read and learn but we also want to make sure that what they read is worth reading to and something they can refer for facts.

The fact that sending out mass mails for corporation invitations is one of the most efficient methods is also a proof of the lack of information and working mechanisms that connect players with other players. It should be possible for even a new player to find a corporation that they think would suit them well by following the tutorials and browsing for corporations ingame.

As the bottom line I want to help remove waste from the system and replace it with meaningful information that will help players to decide what paths they want to follow in the game. I do not want to pave the paths or hold their hands while they walk them, I simply don’t want the beginning of the wonderful paths to be blocked with junk that prevents the players from even taking a look at them.

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